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Are You Ready For A Deep Dive

Into Your True Self and Connect With Nature Spirit and




Finally, get started on the Wiccan Path without the frustration of having to figure it out all by yourself.

Do You Want To Practice Wicca Yet ...

  • You don't know where to start?
  • You feel confused by all of the practices you need to know and learn?
  • You're afraid of getting things wrong and not getting it right?
  • You want to go beyond spells and magick and experience a deep connection to who you really are, but you don't know how to do it?
  • You need guidance and you're sick of googling all of the time?
  • You want to learn from a mentor you can trust?

Find out more about how you can finally get started with your witchcraft practice and bring more connection, joy and magick into your life!

Find Out More About Witch School 101!



Spell Casting Made Easy!


  • Using simple spells that won't blow your budget. 
  • Learn to set clear and specific intentions.
  • Find ways to imagine your desires clearly.
  • Gain confidence and remove self-doubt in your magick.
  • Receive detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions.
  • All of the spells and correspondences are provided for you. You won't need to design a thing.  

Find out more about how you bring magick into your life and start living it the way you want!

Find Out More About The Witch's Guide to Magick!



7 Steps to Becoming a Confident Tarot Reader


Do You Want To Read Tarot Like an Expert but.. 

You don't know how to learn all of those card meanings?

You struggle to read the cards when they are together in a spread?

You feel confused by all of the keywords and interpretations?

You're afraid of reading for others in case you get it wrong?

You want to go beyond looking up the meanings in a book, but you don't know how?

You need guidance to overcome the mental blocks that are stopping your intuition?

Learn to INTUITIVELY Read THE TAROT without mental blocks getting in your way!

Find Out More About The Confident Tarot Reader Course



CONQUER what's really holding you back from FULLY LIVING LIFE with JOY, PEACE and an EMPOWERED SENSE OF SELF without the frustration of trying to work it all out on your own!

You Want to Feel More Connected to Who You Truly Are and Experience More Harmony in Your Life But:

You don't know where to start?

You've been on the magickal or manifestation path for a while and you find you still have blocks to feeling deserving and worthy of the things you truly want in life?

You've been on the spiritual path for a long time and still feel like something is missing.

You want to step into your true potential and fully express yourself on all levels but no matter what you do you just can't remove the self-doubt that is holding you back.

You know that you came here with a purpose but no matter what you do you just can't figure out what that is?

The Wheels of Empowerment is a transformational course that will connect you with your true self and release those subconscious blocks that have been stopping you from fully living your potential.

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5 Days to a Wiccan Practice That Works!

Easy Online Video Course 

Do you want to start a Wiccan practice but don't know where to begin? 

Are you feeling frustrated, stuck and unsure of what to do even though you've spent hours reading and googling through all of the information out there?

Do you hesitate to create a daily practice because you feel you don't have enough time or the right tools?

What if you had a roadmap and someone to take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step through a simple daily practice that you can do in under 15 minutes a day without the need of anything except yourself?

How would that make your spiritual development easier? 

Over a 5 day period, I will take you step-by-step through a simple process you can do every day to get you started on the path of the witch.

Find Out More About The Ultimate Guide To Starting a Wiccan Practice That Works




"Sandra is very knowledgeable and always willing to lend a hand. Lots of great information regarding Wicca and the practice of Magick" Danielle D


"Holistic worldview guidance mixed with pragmatic solutions. Exactly what I love!" Roseanne, C


"Thank you, Sandra, For introducing me to the internal voices from my dysfunctional past, I understand now where they came from ...and recognise their ability to sabotage my progress. You have helped me rewrite the script for that voice firmly on my side and full of encouragement. Our sessions have given me a dawning sense of potential and hope for the future in my new venture." Megan M



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