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Connect to Your Creative, Empowered Magical Self


Do you wake up every morning feeling excited, joyful and connected to your purpose? 

Is your life full of meaning, love and creative inspiration? 

Do you feel connected to your spiritual essence and feel free to create the life you want to live? 

What if you could feel more confident, joyful and empowered?

Here you will find a selection of transformation programs and healing modalities that help you release the habits and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in self-doubt, procrastination and unfulfilling life choices. 

You can select and combine various alternative modalities such as:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Magickal Mentoring
  • Tarot and Oracle Coaching
  • Reiki

to help you achieve your transformation and start living your life, your way. 

I utilise my background in healing modalities, the arts and spirituality to tailor my programs and sessions to each individual. My business is my life’s work and I am excited to share my talents, skills and experience to help you achieve more peace, joy and freedom. 

I offer coaching, mentoring and group workshops in Queensland and online via Zoom.


Tap Into You!

Do you struggle with self-doubt?

Are you holding yourself back from fully living your life the way you truly want to live it?

Do you yearn for greater success, a fulfilling career, loving relationships and greater financial prosperity? 

The Inner Alchemy Program utilises the benefits of EFT Tapping and hypnotherapy to help you release the beliefs that are stopping you in your tracks from achieving the joy, peace and happiness you want from life. 

Tapping is an alternative modality that works with the acupressure meridians to calm your nervous system and help you release the limiting beliefs that create unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, frustration and fear. 

At the root of self-doubt are beliefs about yourself and the world that stop you in your tracks from taking the actions you need to take to manifest the life you want to live. Instead, you end up settling for less while wishing you could be someone else. 

Self-doubt can hold you back from a successful career, loving relationships and financial abundance. The good news is that you can do something about it. You don’t have to spend your life hiding from the world due to self-doubt.

You can book A FREE One-on-one, 30-minute clarity consultation to help you discover your mindset and energy blockages and get crystal clear about what you can do to start living your life with joy, peace, and an empowered sense of self.


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Intuitive Guidance 

Do you need to get clear about where you are in your career, relationships or life in general and what steps to take next? 

Are you looking for guidance on a life decision or direction? 

Tarot cards have been around for hundreds of years and are often used to determine a future event or outcome. Many people go to a tarot reader to find out details about a situation to gain more insight and inspire action. 

Unlike fortune telling, tarot coaching is used to help inspire and engage you in decision-making with you in the driver's seat. The cards will not tell you what to do but will hint at possibilities and then it is up to you to determine your own fate. 

The tarot can help you with gaining clarity about your career decisions, love relationships and important aspects of your life. Tarot can help you gain clarity about how you are holding yourself back and what you can do to move forward. 

Single 30-minute session $45 USD ($55 AUD)

Single 60-minute session $80 USD ($100 AUD)

You can use the link below to fill out the booking request form.


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Magickal Mentoring!

Do you struggle with your magickal practice?

Are you holding yourself back from fully incorporating witchcraft and magick into your daily life?

Do you yearn for that feeling of connection to your True Magickal Self, Nature and Spirit? 

The Magickal Mentoring Program is catered to each person who wants to deeply connect with their witchcraft practice or just know more about spell crafting.

Witches often seek to understand and perform rituals and ceremonies as a way to connect with nature, deity, and their own spiritual path.

Crafting effective spells and rituals requires knowledge of symbolism, correspondences, energy manipulation and the natural cycles. Some witches may find it challenging to create meaningful rituals and successful spells without proper guidance.

Self-doubt and confusion can hold you back from starting your witchcraft practice. The good news is that you can do something about it. You don’t have to spend your life hiding from the world due to self-doubt.

You can book A FREE One-on-one, 30-minute clarity consultation to help you discover your inner witch and get crystal clear about what you can do to start living a magickal and connected life.


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Reiki in Person and Distance Healing 

Are you feeling drained of energy?

Do you find it difficult to relax physically or even mentally? 

Reiki is a complementary therapy that utilises energy to heal on 3 levels – physical, mental and spiritual. 

Similar to acupuncture, reiki encourages the energy or Qi to flow through the body in the way it’s meant to flow. This allows the energy to go where it is needed to assist with healing. 

Many physical, emotional and spiritual ailments are influenced by blockages in the energy system which prevents the Qi from flowing as it should. The concentration of reiki energy through the palms of the hands simply allows the Qi to flow to the right place for healing. 

Reiki is a very relaxing therapy and is very effective to help ease stress and mental-emotional burnout. 

A single 1-hour in-person session is $100 AUD

Single 30-minute Distance Reiki Session over Zoom $45 USD ($55 AUD)


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"I have been working with Sandra for the past 3 months and have undergone a miraculous transformation during that time. I had an extensive number of blocks that went very deep and were keeping me on an endless cycle: Taking steps to move forward toward my goals, reaching the edge of my comfort zone, descending into self-sabotage to an incapacitating degree, and then having to spend all my focus and energy on healing myself from the self-sabotage. This hellish cycle repeated itself dozens of times over many years and I was incredibly frustrated and disheartened...until I started working with Sandra and she helped me finally get to the roots of my need to self-sabotage and BREAK THE CYCLE!! I am finally starting to move forward in life, already far past the former edges of my comfort zone, gaining momentum with each passing day, and it is all very much due to my work with Sandra." Liz L  California, USA
"I really enjoyed working with Sandra. She helped me uncover some interesting hidden beliefs and behaviours, and gave me the tools to work through and let go of things that were no longer serving me. Tapping has now become a regular habit!" Laura D, New Zealand
"For introducing me to the internal voices from my dysfunctional past, i understand now where they came from ...and recognise there ability to sabotage my progress. You have helped me rewrite the script for that voice firmly on my side and full of encouragement.
Our sessions have given me a dawning sense of potential and hope for the future in my new venture." Megan M, Australia
"I had a very difficult and lonely childhood, followed by an even harder adult life. Before meeting Sandra, I had tried so many methods, I had worked with a lot of professionals to overcome my fears and anxieties. I barely survived. Troubles always seemed to keep coming back. Sandra helped me to imagine much more than just to get by in life; much more than just to 'fix myself.' For the first time I now know that I am not broken, I can and I will thrive. I have the courage to find what I want to do and the power to do it. Everyone deserves to experience such a beautiful opportunity to work on themselves with the help of Sandra. There are no words that can prepare you for this 'ride.' It was a spur of a moment that I decided to work with her, I will never regret that moment. That was the moment that changed my life." Serarzer P, Scotland

“… I was able to release and shift major issues of “not belonging or fitting in” “lack of self-confidence”. The reason I answered her call for a first session, was actually because I wanted to shift my “money blocks”…OMG, I had no idea that my supposed money blocks were actually much much deeper!!! So today I’m celebrating a major business win in large part due to the work I did with Sandra! "     Belle F, Australia

"I feel that I can focus better due to the tools and advice Sandra gave me. I now understand how to reason with myself without giving myself a hard time. Sandra has shown me how to focus and get the best from my abilities."    Wendy T, UK

"I've been in therapy for years. Sometimes I'd leave there feeling better, only to wake up back in the old head space and overwhelmed. After the tapping sessions I felt much better, woke up the next day, still felt better. The anger I was holding on to was making every day so hard, the grief as well. I didn't know how to process my current situation or my past in a healthy way. When I thought of my gram, instant tears. Now I can think of her and smile with out the burden of grief. The anger I had towards myself and my ex was overwhelming. I'm in a situation where I still have to live with him until I can get on my feet, I didn't think I'd be able to live under the same roof with him. I couldn't even look at him most days. After working on that anger, I think I can manage now. I'm still angry at him, it just doesn't overwhelm me. I can think more clearly without the anger clouding my judgment or motivating my actions. It literally feels as though an enormous weight has been lifted from me. I have never allowed myself to have these feelings long enough to deal with them. I just pushed everything down until it will build up and over flow. This is the first time I let my self have these feelings, and actually deal with these feelings in a healthy way. It had been the best thing I could have done! Very happy with the sessions and results. I only wish I could have done it sooner."  Sarah Clark, USA 

"A very big shout out to Sandra Inman who I had a session with. Continual shifts happening which have me moving forward and embracing the energy and emotions in my body. Thank you for your help."    Darleen R, Australia