Magickal Mentoring Clarity Consultation

How To Step into Your Magickal Self Without Self-Doubt and Confusion Holding You Back!


A FREE One-to-One, 30-minute Clarity Consultation to help you discover your inner witch and get crystal clear about what you can do to bring Wicca/Witchcraft into your life daily.


Does this sound familiar? 

  • You've wanted to practice witchcraft but you don't know where to start
  • You have tried spells and rituals but still feel confused and disconnected
  • You procrastinate about starting a daily practice because you don't know what to include in it.
  • You're left feeling like something is missing and make excuses as to why it's not working out for you.
  • You want to create beautiful rituals but you struggle to find meaning in them.
  • You're finally ready to walk the witch's path and you'd like someone to help you along the way

If this does sound like you then take advantage of this Clarity Session.

Here's what we'll do together in this consultation:

  • Get crystal clear about how to get started on your witchcraft path. Self-doubt will cloud your ability to fully embrace what's possible for you. In this session, we'll bypass the doubt and get you engaged in enjoying a brighter vision for yourself and your practice.
  • Discover any mindset blocks and what you can do to unblock them. Believe it or not, there is a logical reason why you keep procrastinating about starting your practice. During this session, I'll help you discover what this reason is. 
  • Uncover the real reasons why you want to practice magick and witchcraft. When you understand your core motivation to wanting to walk the witch's path you'll discover just how deep your desire for connection is. This can inspire you to create a plan for your learning and study.
  • Develop a personal plan to help you confidently move forward. In order to connect to your magickal self, you'll need a plan. This doesn't mean reading another witchcraft or spell book either. Make sure that you really want to practice the craft before you even book the session.
  • Become one of the few people who courageously take action toward their witchcraft goals. Moving forward will require you to stretch and grow so you need to be sure that you really, really want to change and will do whatever it takes to do it.


This FREE 30-minute Consultation will be conducted online via ZOOM!


 Here's all you need to do: 

Click on the Book NOW! button, and fill in the pre-booking form. I'll send you a link to my online calendar once I receive your request.


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* Please respect both your time and mine by only booking this session if you sincerely plan to attend.


Sandra Inman helps you finally connect to your magickal self, spirit and nature. She helps you realise a very simple truth: you don't need to find yourself, you only need to remember who you are!

It's not that you have to become a better person or improve yourself. The more you try to be who you think you should be, the deeper hole you'll dig. We strive constantly to improve our lives by looking outside of ourselves for the answers. Yet the answer and the power is within you and always has been.

This is what happens when your connection to your magickal true self is disrupted, stopping you from confidently expressing your true potential in the world.

"Like an acorn is a perfect acorn that becomes a perfect oak tree, there is not a part of you from beginning to end that isn’t exactly what you should be." Derek Rydall

Sandra Uses a variety of magickal and healing modalities to help you become the powerful person you always were and heal the wounds that you have acquired from your present and past lives. 




Here's what other people are saying about working with Sandra


"I had a very difficult and lonely childhood, followed by an even harder adult life. Before meeting Sandra, I had tried so many methods, I had worked with a lot of professionals to overcome my fears and anxieties. I barely survived. Troubles always seemed to keep coming back. Sandra helped me to imagine much more than just to get by in life; much more than just to 'fix myself.' For the first time I now know that I am not broken, I can and I will thrive. I have the courage to find what I want to do and the power to do it. Everyone deserves to experience such a beautiful opportunity to work on themselves with the help of Sandra. There are no words that can prepare you for this 'ride.' It was a spur of a moment that I decided to work with her, I will never regret that moment. That was the moment that changed my life."   S.P


"Before working with Sandra I was feeling out of alignment within myself and with my purpose. I had taken on way too much, was self-sabotaging in my business and generally feeling a lot of frustration and disappointment. My business was flatlining.
I had only a very basic understanding of Tapping, so was going in with no great expectations and decided to go with the flow.
WOW! I couldn't believe the power of this simple process. I am so much happier, I'm focused, motivated and a lot more productive. My business has turned around, my income has increased, and the greatest thing for me is that I am so much happier and aligned with my authenticity and purpose. I have greater clarity in all areas of life, and while I'm not quite there yet in my business, I know without a doubt I am well on my way.
If anyone is thinking about working with Sandra, my advice... just do it. Sandra brings out the very best you, is encouraging and supportive while still being direct and keeps you accountable. I have loved every minute of this journey and know that tapping will continue to be a tool I use regularly. Thank you so much for helping me re-ignite Sandra... you are a champion!"    
Donna M


"I have been working with Sandra for the past 3 months and have undergone a miraculous transformation during that time. I had an extensive number of blocks that went very deep and were keeping me on an endless cycle: Taking steps to move forward toward my goals, reaching the edge of my comfort zone, descending into self-sabotage to an incapacitating degree, and then having to spend all my focus and energy on healing myself from the self-sabotage. This hellish cycle repeated itself dozens of times over many years and I was incredibly frustrated and disheartened...until I started working with Sandra and she helped me finally get to the roots of my need to self-sabotage and BREAK THE CYCLE!! I am finally starting to move forward in life, already far past the former edges of my comfort zone, gaining momentum with each passing day, and it is all very much due to my work with Sandra." Liz L

"Thank you, Sandra, For introducing me to the internal voices from my dysfunctional past, I understand now where they came from ...and recognise their ability to sabotage my progress. You have helped me rewrite the script for that voice firmly on my side and full of encouragement. Our sessions have given me a dawning sense of potential and hope for the future in my new venture." Megan M


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