Witch Jewelry

The Pendants below are some of my favourites. Many a pentacles that symbolise our higher workings with the 4 elements.

I've also included some of the other magickal symbols like the Trisketta

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Understanding the Tarot Court Cards

I love how the leaves are interwoven around this pentagram pendant. It's sterling silver with your choice of birthstone.

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Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom

This Pendant has a line of the Charge of the Goddess around the outer circle - "I am the beauty of the Green Earth and the White Moon Among the Stars.

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The Tarot History, Symbolism and Divination

This Pendant has the Triple Goddess along with the Triple Moon Symbolism. This provides a beautiful connection to the phases of the moon.

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 A Sterling Silver Pentagram much like the one I wear. This is a common pendant to use as a protective amulet.

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Around the Tarot in 78 Days

This pentagram pendant also contains the phases of the moon surrounded by Celtic knots.

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Standard Waite Smith Deck

The stag on this pentagram pendant connects to Cernunnos and has an earthy quality to it.

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Mini waite smith deck

A beautiful Raven and Crescent Moon Pendant for those with a Raven or Crow as an Animal Helper. Perhaps it's one of Oden's ravens.

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The Easy Tarot

The Hammer of Norse God of Thunder - Thor. This pendant is stainless steel.

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Arthurian Tarot

I do love this pendant with the lunar symbolism and pentagram combination.

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