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Product Mystery Witch School 101 - 49 monthly

This 12-month programme closely follows the traditional first degree of Wiccan training that you would normally receive in a coven. 

The course consists of 12 lessons which will be delivered to you monthly. 

Learn real knowledge and techniques to enhance your energy work, spellcraft, healing, working the witches pyramid, elemental work, sabbats, moon rites, building a deep relationship with deities and much more.

Plus you also get access to:

  • A private membership portal which will have all of your materials such as videos, workbooks and audio recordings for the month contained in one easy place.
  • Access to a closed Facebook Group where you can ask questions and find practice buddies to help keep you on track.
  • Access to live question and answer sessions with me twice a month.

Payment structure 588.00 AUD split into 12 payments of 49 AUD every month

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1st payment of 49.00 AUD