Who Is Sandra Inman?

Sandra Inman is a spiritual mentor, coach, witch and author who empowers soulful witches to embrace their spiritual essence, unlocking their full potential for a life brimming with joy, peace, and magick. 
Her passion is to help people say goodbye to confusion and self-doubt while she guides them on a conscious journey to reconnect with their spiritual roots and manifest the life they desire.
As a woman of many talents and skills, Sandra is able to help people achieve their personal and magical goals through one-to-one coaching, group work and online courses.
Plus, Sandra also has two YouTube channels - The Mystical Witch School and Sandra Inman Tapping.
If you've landed on this page, you need to know this - You have a lot to give and it's now time for you to take that deep dive into yourself, express your potential and become empowered!

How My Healing Practice and Mystery Witch School Came to Be

I started practising witchcraft back in 1991 after reading "The Truth About Witchcraft Today" by Scott Cunningham. I loved his story and the simple practices that he taught. He really helped me begin to tap into the sacredness of nature and the divine feminine.
It didn't take long before, like many solitary Wiccans, I began to crave the company of other witches and learn from a mentor. This was 1991 and I remember how difficult it was to find quality DIY books on the craft. There really wasn't that much around.
After a long search, I finally joined a coven in 1993 and it was by far the best way to learn this ancient practice. Seriously, there is only so much you can learn from books.
Over the next 4 years, I was a member of two covens and as much as I enjoyed the connection and camaraderie of group work,  I still felt that something was missing. It took me a long time to work out what that was. It was a connection to my core self.
Even though I had a career in the performing arts for many years as a dancer and choreographer I suffered from a lot of self-doubts. I expected that learning the craft would help me overcome these doubts and inhibitions so that I could create the life I wanted to live.
However, the training I'd received hadn't done that. So, still expecting religion and spiritual work to somehow magically fix this, I explored other spiritual traditions like Buddhism, Gurdjieff and Sufism. Through these traditions I learned how to go within, to observe myself and to use meditation as a tool of self-awareness and self-knowledge. However, I still felt like something was missing...
It wasn't until I went through an extremely low point in my life that I found the missing link. I had been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia for weeks until I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping.
The release work that I was finally able to do through EFT totally changed my life. I'd always been interested in counselling and psychology and had done heaps of work on myself. Yet, it wasn't until I started working with EFT that I was finally able to release the toxic beliefs that were causing the shame, doubt and anxiety in my life.
In Wicca, we do what's called Shadow Work. Through Shadow Work, we explore our deepest selves and learn to reintegrate those parts of ourselves that we've discarded back into our very being. This is intense work and many people find it very challenging. The results of this type of work, however, is totally empowering. It's well worth the journey.
What surprised me was that tapping not only made shadow work so much easier, it also helped me feel that deep connection to my core self. I'd discovered the secret formula. It was through the combination of Wiccan practices, meditation and shadow work that the connection with my True Self could be accessed. Once I was able to access my authentic self, I was able to experience that connection to nature and the Universe. 
This passion for deepening the traditional practice of Wicca by including meditation, self-inquiry and shadow work led me to finally teach this transformational form of the craft to others.
I've been teaching Wicca now for 8 years in Brisbane and have now developed an online platform bringing new witches together from all over the world.

How I Help Beautiful Souls Establish A Deep Spiritual Practice

Through the Mystery Witch School, I help magical people establish a spiritual practice that combines eclectic Wiccan practices with meditation and shadow work. This element of the training helps witches establish a foundation for a much deeper spiritual connection and practice.
Most first-year courses on Wicca and witchcraft don't include shadow work and that's what makes the Mystery Witch School unique. We focus on exploring the mystery of who you are so that you come to know yourself as a spiritual and magickal being. A being who can powerfully create the life you want to live with joy, peace and an empowered sense of self.
 "Sandra draws from a rich knowledge and experience. Sharing tools to help those wanting to develop their inner understanding and reconnect with what inspires. Sandra is very down to earth. Which is extremely important when discussing concepts of subtle nuance. She provides materials and is available to field questions and talking points which will inevitably arise out of such individual seeking and developing. It is the individual who ultimately finds their own answers. (And it is this quiet unassuming quality which assures me that the path I set myself to follow is under my control and free from external coercion.)"  Sophie C, Brisbane Australia 

How Healing What's Within Totally Changes Your Life

In metaphysics we have a saying - As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without!
This means that what is above us in our minds creates what we experience in the physical world. What we feel inside our hearts influences what we perceive and experience in the world around us.
When we change our beliefs, we change our perceptions. When we change our perceptions our whole world changes.
"This is powerful magick from the Inside Out!"
I always wanted to do something different with my life.
When I was a teenager, I joined a band. The problem was I wasn't very good at promoting myself. In fact, I was really crap at it. I was too scared to go out there and promote the band, market myself or our music. So I failed.
Afterwards, I auditioned for a Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the Queensland University of Technology. I remember how excited I was when I was accepted. The next 3 years were bliss.
However, once I graduated, I had to go out into the world and make a career out of being an independent choreographer. This meant I had to promote and market myself. Once again fear, self-doubt, and anxiety made it really difficult. Despite this, I did manage to survive as a dancer but I could have done a lot better financially if I'd been a more confident marketer.
It's because of my own experience with the debilitating and excruciating experience of self-doubt, fear and anxiety that I became an EFT practitioner in the first place. I found tapping so extraordinary that I wanted to learn how to use it to help others. In 2015 I attended the 3 day Level 1 and 2 training through the AAMET Certification program and became an EFT practitioner and in 2016 I started my transformational business.
I also completed the Modern Hypnosis Certification Training with Tad James Co. so that I can compliment my EFT coaching with hypnotherapy audios and guided meditations.
I know what it's like to be crippled by beliefs like I'm not good enough. I also know what a difference EFT has made to what I now feel about myself.
Seriously, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now if I hadn't worked through my own limiting beliefs and taken that journey into my core self.
"I have been working with Sandra for the past 3 months and have undergone a miraculous transformation during that time. I had an extensive number of blocks that went very deep and were keeping me on an endless cycle: Taking steps to move forward toward my goals, reaching the edge of my comfort zone, descending into self-sabotage to an incapacitating degree, and then having to spend all my focus and energy on healing myself from the self-sabotage. This hellish cycle repeated itself dozens of times over many years and I was incredibly frustrated and disheartened...until I started working with Sandra and she helped me finally get to the roots of my need to self-sabotage and BREAK THE CYCLE!! I am finally starting to move forward in life, already far past the former edges of my comfort zone, gaining momentum with each passing day, and it is all very much due to my work with Sandra." Liz L  California, USA

--- Crafting Your Wiccan Path ----

Connect to Nature, Spirit and Magick Through the Practises of Witchcraft

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"I have found Sandra's course very easy to learn with awesome training tools that you can understand and it's very motivational. Her demonstration and information videos are great. I love how it's self-paced and how we get to connect with like-minded people all over the world through the zoom nights. Couldn't wait to start the practical side of things. Thanks so much Sandra for your knowledge. BB " -Wendy G, Gin Gin - Australia

"Sandra draws from a rich knowledge and experience. Sharing tools to help those wanting to develop their inner understanding and reconnect with what inspires. Sandra is very down to earth. She provides materials and is available to field questions and talking points which will inevitably arise out of such individual seeking and developing. It is the individual who ultimately finds their own answers. (And it is this quiet unassuming quality which assures me that the path I set myself to follow is under my control and free from external coercion.)" Sophie C - Brisbane, Australia

"Can I say also how much I am enjoying the course? I look forward to it every month and I learn something new on every module.  I like your straight forward attitude and the manner in which the work is explained in a logical way." Rachael R- United Kingdom

"When I first decided to begin my practice, I had no idea where to start. There was so much information online, it was confusing. After finding Mystery Witch School, I feel like this is what I was meant to do. I feel like it was the answer to exactly what I was looking for. I am so grateful for the step-by-step instruction and the training has been very easy to understand. Can't believe how much I learned in just the first week. I'm so excited to continue my journey. Thank you, Sandra!"  Melissa Volk - USA

"I'm up to day 2 of Sandra's program and it is wonderful. Thank you Sandra for this no-nonsense and easy to follow program. It has been a joy so far x"   Emma J

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“… I was able to release and shift major issues of “not belonging or fitting in” “lack of self-confidence”. The reason I answered her call for a first session, was actually because I wanted to shift my “money blocks”…OMG, I had no idea that my supposed money blocks were actually much much deeper!!! So today I’m celebrating a major business win in large part due to the work I did with Sandra! "     Belle F, Australia

"I feel that I can focus better due to the tools and advice Sandra gave me. I now understand how to reason with myself without giving myself a hard time. Sandra has shown me how to focus and get the best from my abilities."    Wendy T, UK

"A very big shout out to Sandra Inman who I had a session with. Continual shifts happening which have me moving forward and embracing the energy and emotions in my body. Thank you for your help."    Darleen R, Australia


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