Ancestral Healing - Removing Cords of Belief

Healing is a part of what witches do. We work with various modalities to help ourselves heal and to help others as well. 
A part of the healing process is to heal our ancestral pain, limitations, and struggles. Whenever we heal our ancestors we are also healing our future.
When it comes to energetic blocks that affect our progress in life, much of what we struggle with is inherited or learned from our family or tribe of origin. When we remove limiting beliefs or behaviours we can also release these from our ancestors. 
Many people feel that they have been called to be the family healers. We've come into this life to heal our own karmic pain and at the same time heal our ancestral pains as well. This goes a long way to alleviate future struggles in our familial line.
In this video, I share with you a simple cord rite that you can use to begin to clear away some of the inherited binds like beliefs, assumptions etc to heal yourself and your ancestors.

Healing your ancestral lineage heals you. Use the above tips to bring healing to yourself and your family.

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