Attract Love Tea Spell

To kick the new year off I thought we could start with more love. The entire planet can surely do with more love! This spell can be used to bring more love into your life in many ways. You can also use this spell to become a beacon of love in your own life.
Love comes in many forms. You can use the spell for romance but it's not limited to that by any means. Use it to attract more loving and compassionate people into your home, work and community.
It's a simple  recipe - Rose, Jasmine, Cinnamon and clove. After the video I used the tea as an offering to various deities and sprinkled some around my garden.
I also use this spell as a blessing for my offerings to the deities and to use as a loving charm to lift the vibe around my home and space.


Spells do work, use the above tips bring more love into your life.

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