Binding Authority Spell

Binding spells are a part of a witch's protection magick arsenal. We may not believe in harming anyone but that doesn't make us pushovers. It's a bit like martial arts - you learn to defend yourself from harm and unless absolutely necessary you never initiate an attack.
Like magick, having martial arts training can certainly enable you to be lethal BUT you also have the self-discipline and integrity to use your skills wisely.
A bind simply restrains a person, group, or organisation from taking harmful action toward yourself. 
Many workplaces and/or institutions can be toxic. You can find yourself feeling like you're back in the witch trials having to succumb to pressures and situations that either threaten your livelihood and/or go against your integrity and basic human rights.
If you are under threat then a bind may help, at least temporarily, until you create a better situation for yourself. Remember, you have to take full responsibility for your life.
For example, a bind may help restrain a situation but you may also need to do other magick to further protect yourself or hamper their progress. Much like physical self-defense.

Use the above tips to help you direct your life your way.

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