Candle Healing Spell

I received a request from someone this week to help her with a healing spell for her cat. As a cat owner, I can empathize with the fear and sorrow someone feels when a pet is ill or injured.

Before I go any further though, I will put in a disclaimer: I am not giving any medical advice. Do seek qualified medical attention if you or your pet is unwell or injured. Magick is simply there to compliment the treatment.

I know that many people are new to magick and don't have all of the herbs, candles and other materials to perform a traditional spell. When I suggest spells for people I do try to keep them as simple as possible. This doesn't always work but it's better than doing nothing at all.

I thought I would share this spell with you. This healing spell can be performed for yourself, a person, an animal, or even a plant. Healing is healing after all.

I've used this spell for my own cats over the years and have found it very helpful. 

It's important to remember that magick can only assist the healing process. Not all healing spells or techniques work. A lot does depend on the ailment. Many situations require ongoing energy healing rather than a once-off spell.

Spells will often bring other people or situations which can assist the healing process rather than directly affecting the body. There will be times when no matter how much healing you give the recipient may still pass over. When it's time for a person or animal to pass over then they will. Death is a part of life after all.

This spell can be a once-off or you can do it over 7 days. If the ailment is a long-term thing then you may repeat the spell for 7 days every month. 

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