Do Wiccans Need to Know About Astrology

I had to learn astrology as a part of my second-degree training. To be honest, I really struggled with it. 
Astrology is quite complex! You have to learn all about zodiac signs, nodes, houses, planets, comets, and stars. Then if that's not enough, you have to learn about various things called "aspects", like squares, sextiles, oppositions, quincunxes, and conjunctions.
It does my head in. That's why I'm not a professional astrologer.
Even though you don't need to know everything about astrology to be Wiccan, it does help to know a little bit.
The heavens do influence our lives, and it's helpful to know how they are influencing our lives. Astrology can help you plan your spells. Knowledge of your chart can help you make career decisions and alert you to the things you need to focus your shadow work upon.
However, that doesn't mean that you are totally at the mercy of the stars and planets. They are simply influences.
In this video, I outline how astrology can help you navigate your way through life.

Use the above tips to learn more about your life purpose.

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