Good Spell Casting Explained

A good spell caster has a plan, a recipe for casting spells. This recipe may involve times of the day, week, lunar cycle, herbs, crystals and other materials.

However, there is another kind of plan that a successful witch needs and that involves being more thoughtful and strategic when it comes to choosing and designing a spell. Can you guess what might be involved?

In the video below I show you what you need to take into consideration before you cast your spell to ensure it's a success.

Click on the Pic to watch "Good Spell Casting Explained".

Use the above tips successfully to create the life you want through magick.

If you want to get on top of your spellcasting download the Spell Caster Checklist

  • Get specific about what you want and the best way to target your spells for results
  • Remove potential obstacles to your spellwork before they actually become obstacles
  • Successfully create a magickal plan of action to enchant your goals every step of the way

Every question on this checklist is designed to get you into the driver's seat of your life by creating realistic, attainable results from your magick.

Spell Caster Checklist

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