How to Know if Witchcraft is for You

Have you asked yourself this question?

Rest assured that it's not something to agonize over. There are so many belief systems out there that you may find that you resonate with bits and pieces of many of them.

When I first became attracted to the craft I knew immediately that it was for me. I've spoken about the feeling of coming home in quite a few of my videos. It will be a strong YES and you won't need to give the question another thought.

But it isn't like that for everyone.

The best place to start with understanding if witchcraft is really a path you want to walk down is to ask yourself what attracts you to it in the first place. This may even answer the question without you having to contemplate anymore about it.

In the video, I outline aspects of witchcraft that many witches resonate with and if you resonate with them too then you're on the right path. Enjoy the video!

Use the above tips to get a clearer understanding of witchcraft and if it's the right path for you.

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How to Start Your Witchcraft Practice



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