Magick and Surrender

You have a desire, you plan the spell, you gather the materials, you pick the right day at the right time of the moon cycle and then you perform your spell....
Then what?
I was taught that you try to forget the spell and spend time post spell doing something that will take your mind off the working. This allows you to let go and surrender the magick to the Universe, the gods or spirits.
We don't talk much about this surrendering aspect of magick. We spend most of our time preparing for the magick. A little time is spent doing the magick and then it's over. It's a bit like rehearsing for a play. The rehearsal period could be 8 weeks, the performance season 1 week, and then it's all over.
However, the spell isn't really over if you're still thinking about it after the casting. It's not over if you are worried about it after the casting. The act of letting go or as Crowly termed it letting go of the "lust for the result" is as important to magick as the spell is.
In this video, I will talk about why it's important and how it completes the creative dance between yin and yang or active and receptive principles.
Enjoy the video!


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