The 8 of Cups and Finding What's Missing

Do you sigh when you see the 8 of cups in a reading for yourself?

I have in the past. The idea of having to leave something behind that may have been emotionally quite fulfilling isn't always easy. Sometimes we feel the need to walk away and maybe be relieved to find that the tarot agrees.

The 8 cups by itself is actually a positive card. We're off on a journey to find something new or something to add to what we already have. Something is missing or something isn't working anymore. Maybe something just isn't what we want anymore. There are many possibilities.

In this video, we're starting the year with the 8 of cups. New beginnings or new additions. Flowing with the tides and moving forwards, onwards and upwards.



Use the above tips to help you understand the 8 of cups when it comes up in a reading for you.

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