Advanced Wicca - Going Beyond 101

In the last chapter of my book "Crafting Your Wiccan Path", I briefly talk about advancing your practice beyond "beginner". 
It's a tough one because there aren't many books out there that go beyond the basics. We witches are always hungry for more knowledge and we search but rarely do we find what we think we're looking for.
This searching for more depth, more gnosis, and more meaning led me away from Wicca and witchcraft. I found that I had to journey into the practices and philosophies of eastern traditions such as Buddhism. 
It was like something was missing but I didn't know what that was.
Many Wiccans find themselves exploring ceremonial magick, hierarchical orders like the OTO or Golden Dawn in the hope of finding the missing link. There's certainly much knowledge to be found in these places.
What I found, however, was that it isn't so much about more knowledge. It's not about going outside of ourselves to find the missing link. It's actually a matter of knowing how to take the journey inwards.
The balance between inner and outer work is where the juice is. In the video below, I talk about the many ways that you can advance your Wiccan practice using traditional practices as well as non-traditional ones.

Use the above tips to help you plan your next steps along your Wiccan path.

Before you begin to advance your practice you must have a firm foundation and a daily practice certainly helps you establish roots to strongly ground you as your travel deeper into your practice.

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