An Inner School Of Witchcraft

Inner School of Witchcraft


October 16, 2018

Just wanted to share some thoughts which I was pondering this morning. I love the craft and when I was studying with my first coven, we went through the traditional degree system. It was just before my second-degree initiation that the coven split into two and one group continued the traditional degree system and the other group didn’t.

While the traditional approach to training is good for helping people learn about circle casting, magick, tarot, and psychic development, there isn’t a lot of help regarding the inner work on the Self.

There are traditions of Wicca which incorporate shadow work into the second degree and I like the idea immensely. However, shadow work is very difficult to do on your own and I know that I have needed help with it myself over the years. It can also be somewhat dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This brings me to my morning pondering.

How do I incorporate my practices of Wicca and my energy healing business? I came up with the concept of an inner school of Wicca/witchcraft.

The Inner School of Wicca or mystical Wicca is all about working from the inside out. Working upon ourselves helps us create the world in which we live. Most training focuses on outer work like psychic development, tarot, magick etc. While these are encouraged, The Inner School of Witchcraft is more about incorporating Self-discovery and Self-recovery through using the Wiccan form as well as modern western energy modalities such as reiki, emotional freedom technique or tapping, hypnotherapy, and gestalt.

Our happiness and sense of connection to the earth, nature, the divine and our deepest selves all happen from our experience of our internal world. It's through the internal psychic senses that we connect with the divine matrix. When we heal our deep emotional wounds, we become better at intuiting the best course of action for our lives that lead to more joy and empowerment.

It's through Wiccan practice and healing that we can recover the Self. Our true Self is often hidden behind a locked door and has been that way since childhood. As children, our desires and behaviours often conflict with how the adults around us want us to be. The more conflict we experience in our childhood, the more the True Self retreats. This is purely in order to remain safe. Our ego creates a persona which is more in agreement with the adults or tribe and so we come to believe that we are this persona.

Our ego is an ally because it can be reprogrammed to keep us safe so we can reveal our True Selves to the world but this does take time and skill. This is where the energy healing modalities come in. They are some of the best practices to unlocking that door to the True Self and help it emerge into the light with the ego assisting in the process.

This is where a deep spiritual practice can be experienced. The outer form of Wicca and the inner work of Self-exploration.


Hi, I'm Sandra and I help new Wiccans create a magical and spiritual practice that connects them to their deepest spiritual self, nature and the divine without the fear of getting it wrong and not knowing who or what to trust. 

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