Career Magick and The Shadow


Do you want to shine your light into the world but just can't get it to happen?

Are you doing spellwork for a job or to pivot into a job or career that you dearly want to have?

Many people want to do something to help others or to give back to humanity in some way. A career is just one way to do this. 

However, the limiting beliefs in the shadow can sabotage your progress and even cause you to aim way below your dream with your magick and job hunting.

Of course, you can apply these principles to any type of magick e.g. love, money or health. 

I hope you enjoy it!
Click the video below to watch my video on Career Magick and The Shadow

Use the above tips to release what's blocking you from landing that dream job or career you've always wanted.

Let go of what's really holding you back from FULLY LIVING LIFE with JOY, PEACE and an EMPOWERED SENSE OF SELF without the frustration of trying to work it all out on your own!

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