Crystals for Spiritual Awakening

Crystals are beautiful things. I certainly have a collection of them in all shapes and sizes.

My favourite thing to do with them is to absorb and tune into their energy.

They have amazing energy to heal both physically and emotionally.

This healing can have great spiritual benefits too. When we become receptive to the energy of a gemstone we can step back from the mundane world and enter into a journey of discovery.

Through meditation and contemplation, we can begin to experience a new way of being in the world. 

When I meditate with a golden calcite ball I instantly feel the golden light of prosperity and security around me. It sets me up for the day feeling energetically more receptive to the abundance of good things coming my way. My day flows more smoothly and I often receive small gestures of help or gifts that are totally unexpected.

Spiritual awakening is the awakening to who we really are and what we are doing here. It's a process and gemstones can totally help us tap into our inner power and nature.

In this video, I share with you some of the ways you can use crystals to begin to tune into the universal energies and above all to who you really are.  



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