Finding Your Inner Goddess vs Working With a Goddess

What is an inner goddess?
Can you have an inner Hekate?
Is the inner god/dess really your divine self?
Gods and Goddesses are seen as being psychological archetypes by many people in the spiritual community. You can go on retreats, workshops and do courses to help you connect with your inner Aphrodite for example. 
As Wiccans, generally speaking, we are polytheists. This means we believe in multiple deities. Most of us relate to our deities conscious beings in and or themselves. 
However, in the spiritual supermarket, our deities are seen as being psychological expressions of our human personalities.
In this Video, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and feelings about the Wiccan deities and how they are so much more than just psychological archetypes.



If you're not familiar with the Witch's Pyramid you can watch that video here!


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