Heart Chakra Healing Petition Spell

I know there has been a lot of focus on the heart chakra lately. To be honest, it's because the world really needs it. 
There is so much division in the world and so much anguish true but, that doesn't mean we have to be in a perpetual state of sadness, fear, or anger.
When we practice the craft, we are practising a spirituality that can help us move through any dark time in our lives. We can do spells to help us influence our local environment and we can do rites to help us heal and grow stronger.
This week's spell is to help you soothe and heal the heart chakra. You can use this spell for any matter that has you feeling sadness, grief, loss, or anguish. It's to help you make sacred the ups and downs of life and to energetically give you the strength to keep moving forwards.

Use the above spell to connect you with your heart energy and begin feeling whole and loving again.

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