How Do You Know if You're A Witch

I am asked this question a lot - "How do I know that I'm a witch?"

Sometimes people think that to be a witch you have to have special powers. In the past, that may have been the case. The village witch may have been born naturally very psychic and cultivated this skill. Often witchcraft was passed down through families and young ones who demonstrated a natural talent and interest in it were trained by an elder.

In this day and age, things are different. We know that magick can be practised by anyone. You don't have to be special to practice magick. All you need is interest, discipline and the ability to apply yourself.

While some people are naturally more in tune with their intuition and psychic abilities, you can learn how to cultivate these.

In the video below I share with you what generally makes a witch a witch.


Use the above tips to find out if you're a witch.

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