How to connect to the Solstices

The video below isn't the normal information video about Yule and Litha. I wanted to make it more personal and emphasise different ways of connecting to the seasons both within and without. 

While celebrating the solstices with altar decorations, special rituals and activities is wonderful, fun and special, there are deeper connections that we can make too.

In the Mystery Witch School 101 I spend a whole module on the Solstices. We explore themes, decorations, food and activities. We also work with Cernunnos and the Triple Goddess at this time.

I invite you to join us especially if you are tired of trying to go it alone and struggle to get started and keep on going. Witchcraft is a practice and a way of life. Through our Sabbats and Moon rites, we create sacred opportunities to come home to Self and to Nature.

I have more information about the Academy coming up next. Meanwhile ...

Enjoy the video! 


Use the above tips to connect you to the seasonal changes within you and around you.

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