How To Connect To Wiccan Deities

I remember back to when I first started practicing witchcraft. All of the books that I had available to me talked about the Goddess and the God. But who were they?

Paganism is polytheistic, so we work with many deities. Having so many deities to work led me to question -  Who do I work with?

It's quite common in paganism to "dial a deity" when working magick, however, that doesn't lead to a solid relationship.

What I've discovered over the years is that the "dial a deity" method isn't where the juice is. Forming relationships with specific deities is really where the rubber meets the road.

The video below explains how to find deities to work with and the process of connecting to them. It's a very simple process of research, meditation, and awareness. However, it can take some time to actually connect and form the relationship.

Below is a list of 5 way to connect to the Wiccan Goddesses and Gods.

1. Research the pagan history of your Culture or Ethnic background.

Many people find that they're drawn toward the pantheons and deities belonging to their ancestral culture. Try researching your ethnic history to find out if you feel a connection to the paganism of your ancestral lands.

2. Take notice of any mythology that might be showing up in your life right now.

You might find yourself drawn to movies or books that have stories or themes around particular mythology. This attraction might be a sign that the deities you are best connecting with come from these pantheons.

3. Explore what you're drawn toward

This is very simple. What deities do you feel attracted to? Do you feel an attraction to any particular ones? It's a heart connection, so follow the feeling in your heart centre.

4. Do a meditation with a few deities and see what happens.

You may not get results during the meditation but you may find answers in your dreams, events or signs around you.

5. Take notice of any symbols or names that cross your path regularly.

Most deities have various animals, signs, and symbols associated with them. If you're seeing a lot of these signs or animals and you don't normally see them, take notice. This may be the way a deity is trying to communicate with you.

It's usually the case that the deity will find you. Take your time and follow your heart guidance. Build the relationship through daily invocation, offerings and contemplation. 


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