How to End a Spell and Dispose of the Remains

I've spoken a lot about spell casting in previous videos and if you've downloaded the Spell Caster Checklist you will already know how to prepare for successful spell crafting.

Spells usually involve materials like candles, herbs, crystals etc. In our modern living situations, it can be difficult to know how to dispose of your spell remains once the spell has completed. It's not always possible to dispose of them in nature so we have to think about modern alternatives.

Spell work happens in stages. There's always a beginning, middle and ending. Once you've completed the spell and disposed of any remains you then simply allow the magick to happen and do what it takes on your end to allow the magick to flow.

However, magick usually works in such a mundane fashion that it can be difficult to know if the spell has actually worked or not.

In the latest video, I share with you how to know when the spell work is completed, how to dispose of your materials and how to know if your spell has worked. For many people who are new to the craft, these aspects of spell work can be confusing.



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