Is Shadow Work a Witchcraft Thing?


We talk about shadow work a fair bit in occult circles because many people in the occult scene do shadow work. However, it's not necessarily a witchcraft thing.

While some Wiccan covens focus on shadow work as a part of their degree system, it's not always the case. My coven never mentioned the words "Shadow Work". That's one of the reasons I had to look outside of the craft for more practices. 

It's fair to say that many people aren't able to help out with the shadow work because it is a special area of practice. Many people don't have the knowledge or techniques to make shadow work a safe experience either.

The bottom line is that shadow work doesn't have any historical association with witchcraft. It's a new adaptation. 

As human beings rise in consciousness, we're becoming aware of just how programmable our minds are. Many of the beliefs we have aren't even ours. They are borrowed from the people we grew up with and still associate with. The inner work or shadow work is the deep dive into our own psyche. 

It's a journey many shamans, witches and magicians take to learn more about themselves and to alchemically change what isn't working from the inside.

When you learn more about yourself and where your beliefs come from you have more control over your inner and outer world. Your spells become more aligned with your true desires and your outer world begins to change in ways you could never imagine.

In the video below, I share with you more about shadow work and how it relates to your witchcraft path.

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