Magick, Witchcraft and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has had a lot of popularity over the last 30 years and people speak about it as if it's something new. The idea that we can create our own reality has become very popular within the mainstream. Yet, in the magickal community, we shake our heads and sigh - Isn't the Law of Attraction just a new term for magick!

Yes, it is and well, there is more to it.

Both philosophies can help enhance your magical or manifestation practice. Witches can utilise the law of attraction to enhance spells and law of attraction practitioners can add magical elements to their work to make their manifestations more powerful.

Magick and the Law of Attraction have much in common and are in essence the same thing. With magick we use our will to create or influence change in our lives and with the Law of Attraction, we use our desire to create or influence our lives. The same thing essentially. So, yes, indeed they are fundamentally the same thing.

What's different about them really just comes down to a couple of things, terminology, and techniques.

Watch this video below, to learn what magick, witchcraft and the law of attraction have in common and how they differ.


1. Both the Law of Attraction and Magick stem from the belief that we can influence our reality.

2. We agree that thought, feeling, visualisation and acting "as if" you already have what it is that you want are important components to the success of both magick and the Law of Attraction.

3. Magick anchors desire into physical manifestation through the use of correspondences (herbs, potions etc). Combining these magickal techniques with the law of attraction can give you better results.

4. When performing both magick and the law of attraction we work with spiritual energies. Even though we conceptualise, name and experience these energies in different ways we still get results.


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