Money Magick and the Money Shadow

I'm excited to share this YouTube video with you. It's all about money magick and the money shadow.

I've created a video before on the topic and decided to do an updated video.

When I recently did a poll to find out what type of magick people were currently working on, money came up second to protection.

The problem with money magick is that there are a LOT of FALSE beliefs and assumptions about money, spirituality, and magick that I want to discuss.

I recently saw a YouTube comment by a Wiccan who said that Wiccans don't focus on money because it's greedy to do so.

I'm sick and tired of hearing such ridiculous things. 

Money is abundance, prosperity, a roof over your head, good food, enjoyable activities, etc. It's an energy and like all energy, it is from spirit and of spirit. There are many Goddesses of money, prosperity, and fortune. They bestow the sacred energy of abundance to those who work with them.

The problems we face in the current world aren't because of money. The problems come from human greed and ignorance which stems from a belief in lack and a desire for control regardless of how wealthy the people in control may be.

Like magick, money is a tool and energy. We can use it for good or use it for harm.

Money is a form of energy exchange - giving in order to receive and receiving in order to give. It can be quite sacred when you understand its energy.

Click the video below to watch Money Magick and the Money Shadow video.


Use the above tips to improve your money mindset so you can improve your money magick.

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