My Early Wiccan Experience

It felt like "coming home". 

This is a very common experience I hear when talking about Wicca and witchcraft with both new and experienced practitioners of the craft.

It felt that way for me too. Something just felt familiar and true about the path.

I've mentioned briefly my early experiences when I first discovered Wicca and began practicing it as a solitary and later in covens. Like most people, I was hungry for knowledge and somewhat clueless as to how to really practice.

I had books which helped. I practiced what I could from those books but I still knew that I needed a community and guidance. Finding a coven was difficult but well worth the wait. I learned so much from my teachers and from being a part of a group with the same interests and spiritual goals.

I look back at these early years with great joy and happiness. Since these days I have learned various practices from other traditions that have helped me create a deeper practice and in this video, I wanted to share with you how I combine these practices to expand my Wiccan practice into my daily life.



Hi, I'm Sandra and I help new Wiccans create a magical and spiritual practice that connects them to their deepest spiritual self, nature and the divine without the fear of getting it wrong and not knowing who or what to trust. 

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