The Most Powerful Magick - Feeling Loveable

I was meditating a couple of days ago and came to the realisation that what so many people are really looking for is LOVE!

Not necessarily the romantic kind but simply to feel loved, be loved, and experience the beauty and joy of LOVE!

The media doesn't really propagate love. It's full of fear, resentment, and hardship. We fall victim to believing that we are unloveable and that no one could possibly love us as we are. This happens from a very young age too.

So this week, I wanted to touch on this need for feeling loveable. In this video, I share with you a simple technique where you can tap out the old belief of not being loveable and bring into your subconscious mind the beliefs that you are indeed loveable. Plus not only that, you can be loved, loveable and safe at the same time.

Use the above tips to feel loveable and work the powerful magick of love.

CONQUER what's really holding you back from FULLY LIVING LIFE with JOY, PEACE and an EMPOWERED SENSE OF SELF without the frustration of trying to work it all out on your own!

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