The Witch's Dog - Guardians of the Afterlife

I know a lot of witches who live with dogs. Many witches work with dogs as familiars and have very close relationships with their canine companions.

Dogs can be as much a part of a witch's life and practice as any cat, owl or rat.

My dog, Piper was definitely a teacher for me. She taught me about leadership and standing in my ability to be more authoritative in my life.

Do you have a dog? If so what have you learned from your loyal companion? Hit reply and let me know. 

This week's video is all about dogs and the wonderful qualities they can bring to your life as a practising witch.

Dogs are sacred animals to Hekate and have long been known as guardians and guides of the afterlife and underworld.

From the Black Hounds of Britain to Cerebrus these animals can be vicious phantoms that haunt the streets at night to loyal guards protecting women as they walk alone.

You'll definitely look at a dog differently after this.



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