What is the Difference Between Lunar and Solar Magick

Witches work a lot with the lunar cycles. We do growth magick during the waxing moon and release and banishing work during the waning phase. The moon features strongly in our imagery and symbolism. We associate the moon with the Goddess. Our monthly lunar rites pay homage to our Goddess in her many forms.
We work with the solar cycles via our wheel of the year. The Sabbats are times when we celebrate the seasons, the highs, and the lows of life and give gratitude for what we have. We celebrate both the Goddess and the God during these times.
Even though we don't focus so much on solar magick in the craft, we can still utilise the energy of the sun and tune into his journey across the sky on a yearly and even daily basis.
In this video, I outline the qualities of the moon and the sun and how you can incorporate their cycles and energies into your magick.



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