What is Wiccan Magick

I love video suggestions and this week the latest YouTube video is a response to a question from the comments on YouTube.

When I was learning Wicca I was taught a variety of magickal work and most of it was what is termed "folk magick" or "sympathetic magick". My High Priest was very much into ceremonial magick but didn't focus on it in the coven.

I learnt how to do candle magick, sigil magick, and work with the magickal or planetary squares. Other types of magick I've learnt over the years.

As Wiccans and witches, we can choose what style or genre of magick we want to work with based generally on our preferences. Some of us love candle magick whilst others may prefer a more ceremonial approach. Some like to do a bit of everything.

In this video, I'm going to answer some questions concerning what Wiccan magick is or isn't and what type of magick Wiccans practice.

Click the video below to watch my What is Wiccan Magick?

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