What To Put Into Your Wiccan Journal

When we talk about witch journals, many people instantly think of the infamous book of shadows or a grimoire. These are the books where witches record spells, pathworkings, magickal correspondences and rituals.

Just about every witch I know keeps a book of shadows in some form or another. Many like to use traditional handwritten books whilst others store their books in the cloud. The book of shadows is really a reference book where you can quickly go to a spell or ritual when needed.

There are other types of journals that many witches keep that aren't a part of the official book of shadows. These books are more like journals where witches will keep account of dreams, experiences, shadow work discoveries, and write about what's on their minds. It's these types of journals that I want to talk about in this video.

I personally, like to keep my personal experiences separate from my reference material. I know that many witches don't do this. That's ok, everyone is different. I hope you enjoy the video.

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