How to Increase Your Psychic Abilities

Many witches come to the craft because they either have psychic experiences or they want to develop their psychic abilities.
I know people who have been told that they are witches because they are so psychic. 
The power to see what many people can't or to communicate with beings and energies outside of the "normal" realm is very much a witchy skill. 
Even if you struggle to tap into the "hidden realms" or see auras you can still learn to tune into the energy field and develop your awareness beyond the current "Material world" experience. It might just take time and perseverance.
In this video, I take you through a simple exercise that you can do to help you begin to expand your psychic awareness.
All you need are: 1 purple candle, Frankincense oil, Bay leaves, and patience.


Your psychic abilities will increase over time. Use the above tips to expand your awareness and experience the world of energy, vibration and connection.

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